Porterie Tax Solutions offers a full range of services that ensure a worthwhile and comfortable experience in the preparation of your tax returns and any other service you select.

Tax Preparation & Payroll Services

We offer plenty of tax preparation services such as:

Free Tax Consultation

This option is for those who need a clearer understanding of their tax situation or who would simply want a free estimate. Schedule your free consultation today!

Tax Courses

Porterie Tax Solutions classes are a simple, convenient way to learn everything you ever wanted to know about taxes but were afraid to ask. Our tax preparation classes can help you master your annual return, prepare client returns or even start your very own tax business! Learn from experienced Tax Professionals, the best in the business, on how to prepare taxes.

Credit Repair

We can help you remove inaccurate, obsolete, and unverifiable items on your credit reports. While learning more about your credit is important, Porterie Tax Solutions is here to help you start working toward better credit. Have a representative sweep away that bad credit for you!

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